Eminent Domain & Real Estate Services

If you are a property owner whose land has been targeted by a governmental entity for acquisition or legal condemnation to make way for a road, transit line, or other public project, AOS and its partners can ensure you are adequately compensated.

Under the law of eminent domain, the state or municipality seeking to acquire your property is legally obligated to provide you with just compensation. Because these governmental entities often must acquire vast swaths of land on a limited budget, the initial offers they put forth are often below what the land is actually worth.

What's more, because the condemning authority is often making offers on dozens of properties, their offer may fail to recognize something unique about your property that makes it particularly valuable. It is therefore critical that a professional review any offer you receive for your land to ensure it accurately reflects the true value of that particular piece of property, and that it adheres to all applicable legal standards.

AOS supplements its three decades of experience by strategically partnering with experienced eminent domain lawyers to ensure that all relevant factors are considered. Our team can review any offer, negotiate with the entity seeking to acquire your land and, if necessary, engage the legal processes available to ensure your constitutional right to a fair price is protected.

Our goal is simple: We want you to obtain the maximum possible compensation for your property.

If you are concerned your property may be targeted for acquisition or condemnation, or if you have already been given an offer on your property, please contact AOS today.

Let our team of professionals get to work for you.

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